8 NFL Rookies Making a Name for Themselves in 2023

By Amelia Roberts   2023-11-13  

It's that electrifying time of the year when fresh talent bursts onto the scene, shaking up the league with new energy and potential. The 2023 NFL rookie class is no exception, bringing a mix of unpredictability and raw talent that's turning heads and rewriting expectations. 

From quarterbacks who can thread the needle to defensive powerhouses redefining line dynamics, this year's rookies are not just filling shoes but crafting their own legacy. 

Top 8 NFL Rookies To Lookout For 

So, buckle up as we dive into the world of these dynamic newcomers who are rapidly making a name for themselves in the NFL's 2023 season! 

Bryce Young, QB, Carolina Panthers

Bryce Young, stepping out of a storied college career, has brought a spark to the Carolina Panthers. Known for his precision and agility in college, Young's transition to the NFL has been a mix of high-octane plays and learning curves.

Despite facing challenges behind an evolving offensive line, his ability to extend plays and make sharp decisions under pressure has been impressive. Young's impact on the Panthers is more than just stats; it's about bringing a new dynamic to the team's offense, promising a brighter future as he continues to develop.

C.J. Stroud, QB, Houston Texans

C.J. Stroud's journey from a celebrated college quarterback to a shining star for the Houston Texans is remarkable. Stroud has quickly become the cornerstone of the Texans' offense in the NFL. His arm strength and accuracy have revitalized the team's passing game, making them a more formidable opponent each week. Stroud's role goes beyond throwing touchdowns; he's a strategic playmaker, reading defenses and adjusting plays, showcasing maturity beyond his rookie status.

Will Anderson Jr., Edge, Houston Texans

Exceeding expectations is an understatement for Will Anderson Jr. His transition from college to the NFL has been seamless, with his presence felt on every play. Despite facing constant double teams, Anderson's ability to pressure quarterbacks and disrupt plays has been exceptional. His statistics, including pressures and tackles for loss, speak volumes, but his relentless energy and impact on the Texans' defense truly sets him apart.

Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, Detroit Lions

Speed and agility are the hallmarks of Jahmyr Gibbs, the dynamic running back for the Detroit Lions. Gibbs has utilized his exceptional speed to outpace defenders and create significant plays, turning routine handoffs into potential touchdowns. His ability to change direction swiftly and accelerate has made him a valuable asset in the Lions' offensive arsenal, offering a versatile threat, whether rushing or receiving.

Jalen Carter, DL, Philadelphia Eagles

Leadership on the field often comes with experience, but Jalen Carter has defied this norm. His impact on the Philadelphia Eagles' defensive line has been profound. Carter's leadership is evident in his ability to rally his teammates, maintain high energy levels, and make crucial plays. His potential long-term impact looks promising, as he's not just a player making tackles; he's a driving force inspiring his team to elevate their game.

Anthony Richardson, QB, Indianapolis Colts

Anthony Richardson's journey to the NFL is a tale of resilience and determination. Overcoming personal challenges and adversity in his early life, Richardson's backstory is inspiring and a testament to his strong character. His background has instilled in him a unique perspective and mental toughness, which he brings to the field. This resilience has helped him navigate the pressures of the NFL, making him a rookie to watch as he continues to grow in his career.

Devon Witherspoon, CB, Seattle Seahawks

Devon Witherspoon quickly became a fan favorite in Seattle, not just for his on-field prowess but also for his off-field charisma. Witherspoon has endeared himself to the Seahawks' fanbase by engaging with the community through various initiatives and being always approachable. His connection with the fans goes beyond the game; it's about being a part of the community he represents, making his success on the field even more special for the fans who cheer him on.

Paris Johnson Jr., OT, Arizona Cardinals

Paris Johnson Jr. has shown remarkable versatility in his rookie season with the Arizona Cardinals. Transitioning smoothly between different offensive-line positions, Johnson's adaptability has been a key asset in various game situations. His ability to protect the quarterback and create openings for the running game, regardless of his position, demonstrates his understanding of the game and his role in the team's strategy, making him a valuable and versatile player on the Cardinals' roster.


The 2023 NFL rookie class is brimming with potential, showcasing a blend of raw talent, resilience, and adaptability. 

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These rookies are not just filling roles; they're redefining them, bringing new energy and perspectives to their teams. As they continue to develop and make their mark, the future of the NFL looks bright and exciting. This class promises to shape the league in the coming years, and it will be thrilling to watch their journeys unfold. 


Who are some standout rookies in the NFL for 2023?

Notable rookies include Bryce Young (QB, Carolina Panthers), C.J. Stroud (QB, Houston Texans), Will Anderson Jr. (Edge, Houston Texans), Jahmyr Gibbs (RB, Detroit Lions), Jalen Carter (DL, Philadelphia Eagles), Anthony Richardson (QB, Indianapolis Colts), Devon Witherspoon (CB, Seattle Seahawks), and Paris Johnson Jr. (OT, Arizona Cardinals).

What makes Bryce Young a notable rookie in the NFL?

Bryce Young has been notable for his precision and agility as a quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, showing promise despite challenges behind an evolving offensive line.

Which rookie has been a standout for the Houston Texans?

C.J. Stroud has been exceptional for the Houston Texans, leading in major passing categories among rookies and showing great potential as a strategic playmaker.

Who is a rookie with an inspiring backstory in the 2023 NFL season?

Anthony Richardson, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, has an inspiring backstory marked by resilience and determination, overcoming personal challenges to reach the NFL.